Corona Virus – Everything you need to know when travelling to Hameln

Current information regarding travel restrictions due to the corona virus SARS-CoV-2

Corona is keeping us all on our toes. Therefore, at Hotel zur Börse, we have summarized all the latest information regarding our hotel operations during this time for you:

Here you will always find the current rules


Update in August 2021

  • For vacations in Lower Saxony with overnight stay – test only on arrival (does not apply to vaccinated) (with incidence over 10 additionally test 2 per week)
  • ·ll swimming pools and saunas are open
  • Tourist activities (e.g. boat and carriage rides, etc.) or facilities (zoos, amusement parks, etc.) usually require masks indoors – please note the respective hygiene concepts
  •  Cinemas, theaters, concert halls open –
  • masks are usually required inside, unless you are at your seat
  • City and nature tours – without mask



Is there a mask obligation?

There is a general mask obligation for our guests in the public areas of the hotel. We ask that you wear a face-covering mask in areas where contact with other guests may occur. For your protection, all of our employees are also wearing masks.


How will contact with other guests be avoided?

For your safety, we ask that you keep a safe distance of 5 feet from other guests. Furthermore, we have placed distance markers on the floor to visually encourage you to keep your distance from each other. We ask that no more than two households stay in the area in front of the reception at the same time.

Also, at breakfast times, we occupy each table only once, if possible, to avoid possible infection.


How is disinfection handled at the hotel?

To minimize the risk of infection and take your health into account, all touch points such as doorknobs, pens, cruets on the tables, as well as all surfaces are disinfected and cleaned several times a day.

For our guests, we have disinfection facilities for your hands in the entrance area as well as at the reception desk.

How will I be protected at check-in?

During your arrival, you will have the opportunity to use our hand disinfection station directly upon entering the hotel. A transparent splash guard is located at the reception desk, which prevents droplet transfer between you and our staff. In addition, all of our employees wear a face-covering mask for your safety.


How is my room cleaned?

Every day, a comprehensive room cleaning is performed by our housekeeping staff who are specially trained regarding the Corona virus. All points of contact are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that you can move into a very hygienic room with absolutely no worries. We pay special attention to surfaces, door handles, bed and bathroom.


Do I get breakfast in the hotel?

The answer is simple – of course!

Every morning our friendly staff will greet you warmly with a warm smile behind the face mask. We are especially pleased to be able to offer our usual delicious and varied breakfast buffet for self-service.


Are the restaurant and bar open?

Depending on the incidence situation in the county, these regulations are object to change.

However, as a guest of our hotel you have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of delicacies in our restaurant, the Grand Café täglich, even without a testing requirement, indoors or outdoors.

Can I stay at your hotel without contact?

For those guests who are not sure whether to travel or not, because you want to avoid any contact for your safety:

You can stay with us absolutely contactless!

You pay conveniently in advance online and receive your room key contactless from our key safe on the wall of our main building. We will bring your breakfast to your room door and when you leave, you simply leave the key in your room. We will be happy to send you the invoice for your stay, which has already been paid, by e-mail.


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