Room rates at Hotel zur Börse. Fair, transparent and you always have a choice.


Prices at Hotel zur Börse depend on your travel period and the room type you choose. You will always find the best offers here in our online booking.

All prices (except long-term rates) include breakfast buffet, use of WLAN, services and VAT. There is no city tax in Hameln.

Book early and save up to 15%

If you book at least 7 days before arrival, you can save up to 15% off the room price with our early booking rates. Important: This rate cannot be cancelled after booking and must be paid immediately after booking. If you need more flexibility, you can choose our flexible daily rate. Click here for the early booking rates.


Bookings on this website are rewarded with a 5% discount

For your online booking directly on our hotel website, we offer you a 5% discount as a thank you gift – regardless of the travel period or the chosen rate. Just enter the booking code “DIRECT” and you will save 5%.

To give you an idea of the prices at Hotel zur Börse, you can find a small overview below.

To find out the exact price, have a look in our webshop.

Depending on travel time, booking date and category, these are the room prices, including our delicious breakfast buffet, WLAN, services and legal VAT:

Double room “Classic”: starting at 79 €
Double room “Comfort”: starting at 83 €
Double room “Superior”: starting at 96 €
Apartment (S): starting at 88 €
Apartment (M): starting at 92 €
Apartment (L): starting at 96 €
Apartment (XL): starting at 100 €


Other prices:

  •  Breakfast buffet for 9,90 € per person (for external guests and if not included in the room rate) from 6.30 AM to 11 AM.
  •  Free late check-out always on Sundays on request
  •  Extra bed per night 20 €
  • Children up to 3 years sleep free of charge, either in the parents’ bed as well as in the baby crib.
  • Weekend offers and special arrangements can be found here
  • Pet: 9 € per day
  • WLAN is free of charge

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