Sustainability at Hotel zur Börse – using resources efficiently and preserving the environment.


Sustainability and a resource-saving use of the available means are very close to our hearts. In times of globalization and climate change, the ecological footprint of each individual is of central importance. Thus, we must reflect on our actions with regard to the consequences for the environment in order to preserve our planet. In relation to the hotel and catering industry, the ever-increasing energy costs represent one of the greatest challenges in the ecological-economic context.

Especially in the Weserbergland, the tourism industry plays a crucial role in the preservation and development of the regional economy. Therefore, the desire for a positive development does not only exist from an economic point of view. Rather, this must take place in an environmentally and climate-friendly manner and must not be carried out on the back of the nature of our beautiful Weserbergland.

Therefore, we also strive to do our bit to preserve the environment through sustainable and efficient use of our resources and active participation in the the new Hotel and Catering Network for Energy Efficiency in the Weserbergland (Hotel- und Gastronomie-Netzwerk für Energieeffizienz im Weserbergland). At the Hotel zur Börse, sustainability is a top priority.The most important sustainability measures at Hotel zur Börse Hameln

Besides the resource-saving handling of our regional goods in the catering area, or the use of sustainable, recycled lunch bags and napkins, we would like to emphasize two aspects of our undertakings for the topic of sustainability in particular:


Breakfast with regional products

Every Sunday, we offer a breakfast buffet at the “täglich”, serving regional products exclusively.

Energy network of the Weserbergland climate protection agency

In November 2020, the Hotel and Catering Network for Energy Efficiency in the Weserbergland (Hotel- und Gastronomie-Netzwerk für Energieeffizienz im Weserbergland) was founded. 14 businesses, including the Hotel zur Börse, from the districts of Holzminden and Hameln-Pyrmont joined forces under the umbrella of the Weserbergland Climate Protection Agency (Klimaschutzagentur Weserbergland) to positively influence the ecological development of the Weserbergland. This network is intended to promote cooperation and exchange between companies and consulting experts in order to make the use of resources of these companies and their surroundings more efficient. The quarterly “Effizienztische“, where the members gather, are intended to provide a platform for exchange and further education through expert presentations, in order to be able to adequately face the ecological challenges of the tourism industry.


Block heat and power plant “Dachs“ – for the love of the environment

At Hotel zur Börse Hameln we focus on sustainability. We have spared no expense to do something good for the environment in the long term. With a Block heat and power plant (Dachs) from Senertec, we help to reduce CO2 emissions on a daily basis by producing part of the heat (for heating and domestic hot water) and electricity we need ourselves using the principle of combined heat and power (CHP). This reduces the amount of district heating and electricity that has to be supplied from outside. This is useful ecologically, since the Dachs operates with an efficiency of at least 80%, while large power plants often do not exceed 45% in efficiency. In addition, there are losses in terms of electricity and heat due to long high-voltage or district heating lines, which we try to counteract through our own production. Since the initial installation, we have already economized 277,459 CO2 as of 8-2021. At our hotel, your showers and heating is ecologically sustainable.


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